Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

About Us


The Government of Trinidad and Tobago through the Ministry of National Security established the Cyber Security Incident Response Team (TT-CSIRT) in November 2015 with the assistance of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The implementation of the CSIRT is a strategic objective of Trinidad and Tobago’s 2012 National Cyber Security Strategy.

Mission, Vision, Goals

Our mission is to respond to cyber incidents, through effective response techniques, education, training, awareness, research, collaboration and efficient management strategies, in order to restore the operations of the information systems of our constituents.

To assist in the securing of the nation’s cyber infrastructure, while allowing citizens to enjoy their way of life through the provision of a suitable incident management framework, which will promote sustainable development in an effort to build a secure and prosperous nation.

To develop a framework and related policies and procedures for the coordinated response and management of cyber incidents.
To facilitate information-sharing among the TT-CSIRT constituency relating to best practices, investigative information, coordination of incident response, and incident management procedures and processes.
To identify critical infrastructures and assess their level of vulnerability to cyber-threats.
To provide technical assistance to the Government and other stakeholders within the national framework.
To defend against attacks with special focus on critical information infrastructure.
To develop frameworks and guidelines for business continuity readiness assessment and the development of IT Disaster Recovery and business continuity plans.
To collect data and statistics on cyber incidents.
To build capabilities in managing cyber threats and enhance cyber security.