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Current Activity

SonicWall Cyber Threat Report 2018

The modern cyberwar — against governments, businesses and individuals alike — is comprised of a series of attacks, counterattacks and respective defensive countermeasures. Many are simple and effective. Others are targeted and complex. Yet they

Cisco: 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report

What if defenders could see the future? If they knew an attack was coming, they could stop it, or at least mitigate its impact and help ensure what they need to protect most is safe. The fact is, defenders can see what’s on the horizon. Further


Two Windows Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities Exploited in Attacks

Microsoft’s July 2019 Patch Tuesday updates fix nearly 80 vulnerabilities, including two Windows zero-day flaws and six issues whose details were previously made public. One of the zero-day vulnerabilities is CVE-2019-0880, which Microsoft describes as a local privilege escalation issue related to how the splwow64.exe component in Windows handles certain calls. Splwow64.exe is designed to […]

Vulnerability Gives Attackers Remote Access to Zoom Users’ Cameras

A vulnerability in the Zoom Client for Mac allows a remote attacker to force a user into joining a video call with the video camera active, a security researcher has discovered. Zoom offers “enterprise video conferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing,” allowing users to join meetings from both desktop and mobile devices, for improved […]

Adobe Fixes Low Priority Flaws

Adobe’s Patch Tuesday updates for July 2019 address vulnerabilities in the company’s Bridge CC, Experience Manager and Dreamweaver products, but none of the security holes appear serious. The latest update for Bridge CC on Windows and macOS resolves an out-of-bounds memory read issue that can result in information disclosure in the context of the targeted […]