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Current Activity

SonicWall Cyber Threat Report 2018

The modern cyberwar — against governments, businesses and individuals alike — is comprised of a series of attacks, counterattacks and respective defensive countermeasures. Many are simple and effective. Others are targeted and complex. Yet they

Cisco: 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report

What if defenders could see the future? If they knew an attack was coming, they could stop it, or at least mitigate its impact and help ensure what they need to protect most is safe. The fact is, defenders can see what’s on the horizon. Further


Chrome, Firefox Get Windows Defender Application Guard Extensions

Microsoft is extending the protection capabilities of Windows Defender Application Guard with the release of browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. The new extensions were designed to automatically redirect untrusted navigations to Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge. The extensions check site URLs against a list of trusted domains (defined by enterprise admins) and […]

Android Q Brings New Privacy and Security Features

Released in Beta 1 last week, the latest Android iteration (Android Q) arrived with new privacy protection improvements and other security enhancements. Building on previously introduced features such as file-based encryption, lockdown mode, encrypted backups, Google Play Protect, and more, Android Q brings more control over location access, improved transparency, and better data security (many […]

EU Adopts New Response Protocol for Major Cyberattacks

Europol on Monday announced the adoption of a new protocol for how law enforcement authorities in the European Union and beyond will respond to major cross-border cyberattacks. The new EU Law Enforcement Emergency Response Protocol should prove useful in case of major attacks such as the ones involving WannaCry and NotPetya malware, which in 2017 […]