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Current Activity

Internet Crime Report For 2016

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has released its 2016 Internet Crime Report, describing the numbers and types of cyber crimes reported to IC3. Business Email Compromise (BEC), ransomware attacks, tech support fraud, and extortion are

Cybersecurity for Electronic Devices

Why does cybersecurity extend beyond computers? Actually, the issue is not that cybersecurity extends beyond computers; it is that computers extend beyond traditional laptops and desktops. Many electronic devices are computers—from cell phones


Industrial Companies Targeted by Nigerian Cybercriminals

Industrial companies from around the world have been targeted in phishing attacks believed to have been launched by cybercriminals located in Nigeria, Kaspersky Lab reported on Thursday. In October 2016, Kaspersky’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS CERT) noticed a significant increase in malware infection attempts aimed at industrial organizations in the metallurgy, […]

Thousands of smartphone apps have been found leaking personal data

Security researchers have discovered a new vulnerability caught leaking vast swathes of personal information from legitimate mobile applications found on both Apple and Google marketplaces, with fears rising the compromised data could be used to fuel future cyberattacks. Experts from Appthority, a security firm, found 43 terabytes-worth of exposed data and more than 1,000 applications […]

DDOS attacks in Q1 2017

News Overview Thanks to IoT botnets, DDoS attacks have finally turned from something of a novelty into an everyday occurrence. According to the A10 Networks survey, this year the ‘DDoS of Things’ (DoT) has reached critical mass – in each attack, hundreds of thousands of devices connected to the Internet are being leveraged. The fight […]