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TTCSIRT-094.030218: TT-CSIRT Advisory – PHP Security Updates

TTCSIRT-094.030218: TT-CSIRT Advisory – PHP Security Updates

Several security vulnerabilities have been found in PHP7 which include:

a) Bug #49876 (Fix LDAP path lookup on 64-bit distros).
b) Bug #54289 (Phar::extractTo() does not accept specific directories to be extracted).
c) Bug #65414 (deal with leading slash when adding files correctly).
d) Bug #65414 (deal with leading slash while adding files correctly).
e) Bug #68406 (calling var_dump on a DateTimeZone object modifies it).
f) Bug #73725 (Unable to retrieve value of varchar(max) type).
g) Bug #74519 (strange behavior of AppendIterator).
h) Bug #75729 (opcache segfault when installing Bitrix).
i) Bug #75838 (Memory leak in pg_escape_bytea()).
j) Bug #75857 (Timezone gets truncated when formatted).
k) Bug #75864 (“stream_isatty” returns wrong value on s390x).
l) Bug #75871 (use pkg-config where available).
m) Bug #75882 (a simple way for segfaults in threadsafe php just with configuration).
n) Bug #75893 (file_get_contents $http_response_header variable bugged with opcache).
o) Bug #75916 (DNS_CAA record results contain garbage).
p) Bug #75928 (Argument 2 for DateTimeZone::listIdentifiers() should accept null).
q) Bug #75938 (Modulus value not stored in variable).
r) Bug #75981 (Prevent reading beyond buffer start in http wrapper).

Successful exploitation of any of these vulnerabilities by an attacker could allow for arbitrary code execution in the context of the affected application.

Further information on these vulnerabilities and how they can be fixed can be at