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TTCSIRT-167.092018: TT-CSIRT Advisory – PHP Security Updates

TTCSIRT-167.092018: TT-CSIRT Advisory – PHP Security Updates

PHP has released a security update stating that the following vulnerabilities have been discovered in PHP ver 7.2.10 & Version 7.1.22:

a) Bug #55146 – (iconv_mime_decode_headers() skips some headers)

b) Bug #60494 – (iconv_mime_decode does ignore special characters)

c) Bug #63839 – (iconv_mime_decode_headers function is skipping headers)

d) Bug #65988 – (Zlib version check fails when an include/zlib/ style dir is passed to the –with-zlib configure option)

e) Bug #68175 – (RegexIterator pregFlags are NULL instead of 0)

f) Bug #68180 – (iconv_mime_decode can return extra characters in a header)

g) Bug #68825 – (Exception in DirectoryIterator::getLinkTarget())

h) Bug #72443 – (Generate enabled extension)

i) Bug #74484 – (MessageFormatter::formatMessage memory corruption with 11+ named placeholders)

j) Bug #76517 – (incorrect restoring of LDFLAGS)

k) Bug #76582 – (Apache bucket brigade sometimes becomes invalid)

l) Bug #76595 – (phpdbg man page contains outdated information)

m) Bug #76704 – (mb_detect_order return value varies based on argument type)

n) Bug #76705 – (unusable ssl => peer_fingerprint in stream_context_create())

o) Bug #76709 – (Minimal required zlib library is

p) Bug #76747 – (Opcache treats path containing “test.pharma.tld” as a phar file)

q) Bug #76754 – (parent private constant in extends class memory leak)

r) Bug #76777 – (“public id” parameter of libxml_set_external_entity_loader callback undefined)

s) Bug #76778 – (array_reduce leaks memory if callback throws exception)

Successfully exploiting the most severe of these vulnerabilities could allow for arbitrary code execution in the context of the affected application.

Further information on these vulnerabilities and how they can be mitigated can be found at