Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Increased Cyber Activity in Trinidad and Tobago and the Region

Increased Cyber Activity in Trinidad and Tobago and the Region

The Trinidad and Tobago Cyber Security Incident Response Team (TT-CSIRT) has observed a sharp increase in malicious cyber activity targeting local and regional entities over the past two (2) months. The TT-CSIRT is urging all entities (public and private) to adopt a heightened state of awareness and be guided by the following:

Top Threats to T&T

The most prominent threats (by size of impact) that TT-CSIRT has observed include:

  • Ransomware
  • Social Engineering (Phishing)
  • Malicious Insiders

Attack Vectors

Cyber attacks can be initiated through multiple attack vectors. The most prominent vectors used against local entities are:

  • Exploitation of system vulnerabilities (particularly outdated firewall appliances and email systems)
  • Phishing emails with infected attachments or links
  • Compromised user credentials

Incident Reporting

Should your organization fall victim to a cyber attack, we encourage you to contact TT-CSIRT immediately via our online form for incident management guidance and technical assistance. The Cyber Crime and Social Media Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service via the information at this link.

Measures for Securing Your Systems

The TT-CSIRT recommends organizations review the following resources and take the necessary actions: